Who are we?

We are two brothers born and raised in Santorini and we are the hosts of Aronia Villa. We hope our home gives you as great memories as it did to us, during our childhood. It has, of course, been upgraded since then, but the warmth of the house will always be the same. For more information about us please click on the photos below.


Hello! My name is Ioakeim Kanakaris and I am 26 years old. I am currently living in Santorini and I am the main host at Aronia Villa. I have recently graduated from the Department of Economic and Regional Development at Panteion University. I believe that taking care of your body and well-being is just as important as your mind. A healthy lifestyle is key to a longer and happier life and cannot go without a daily fitness routine. I am into all sort of sports. From cycling to running and lifting weights I am what people call a ‘fitness addict’ and I love it. Finally, I am open-minded, sociable and fascinated by new ideas.


Hey there! I’m Nikos Kanakaris and I am 24 years old. I have a degree in Informatics and Telematics from the University of Harokopion and I am currently working as a software engineer for a company in Athens. However, my real love is to combine my programming skills with electronics and automotive vehicles. That is why I am pursuing a second degree in Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics, at the University of Patras. Considering I am quite shy at first I use jokes as an ice-breaker. I am loyal to my commitments, honest and very family-oriented. That is the reason why, that even though I am living in Athens, my love for my island is endless and unforgettable. I plan to move back to my roots and take in all of Santorinis’ benefits because to be honest I have really missed them.